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Robertshaw Implements DBM S&OP Process to Address Supply and Demand Challenges

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

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Robertshaw implements an Executive S&OP process through the DBM Virtual S&OP Accelerator program.

PRESS RELEASE – Nov 9, 2022 11:30 AM EST

KITCHENER, Nov 9, 2022 – Robertshaw has begun an executive S&OP implementation through the DBM Virtual S&OP Accelerator program. Over a six-month period, DBM will support Robertshaw to establish an S&OP process for a pilot S&OP product family. Additionally, the program will lead the Robertshaw team through S&OP consultation, S&OP online training courses, and implementation coaching sessions.

“The supply and demand challenges experienced coming out of the pandemic exposed the failings in our current processes. Inventory dramatically increased, customer service levels dramatically decreased, and try as we might we were unable to make meaningful progress.” says John Hewitt, CEO of Robertshaw, on why the company needed to implement an S&OP process.

“We needed a fresh perspective on the challenge, and the ability to accelerate progress by deploying a proven solution. Robertshaw lacked or was under-leveraging many of the core capabilities necessary to implement lasting change in the S&OP process.” DBM Systems was a recommended as the experienced S&OP consultant to bring about a sustainable S&OP process at Robertshaw.

John Hewitt on the decision to implement the DBM Virtual S&OP Accelerator:

“The simplicity of the approach, the proven results demonstrated in reference companies, and the focus on clarity in roles and responsibilities made DBM a perfect fit for Robertshaw. We loved the focus on getting the process right first, and then scaling through system solutions as opposed to implementing a system as a solution.”

The DBM Virtual S&OP Accelerator program is the culmination of decades of industry experience, and the fastest way to implement a sustainable S&OP process. In just six months, your organization will have an S&OP process that everyone understands.

About Robertshaw

Robertshaw is a global market leader for appliance and HVACR controls. The company designs, engineers and manufactures controls for a wide variety of commercial and home appliances. Learn more at

About DBM Systems

DBM Systems Ltd. has been at the forefront of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) thinking since 1980. Their team of consultants are providing proven S&OP solutions for industry leaders across the world. DBM has coached and equipped teams with the tools needed to run an effective S&OP process. Unlock the power of S&OP in your organization. Find out more at

Robertshaw Implements DBM S&OP Process
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