The Executive S&OP Assessment

A mature S&OP process aligns the whole business to a single plan that drives resources towards business goals. This requires having established S&OP fundamentals in place – a structured meeting cycle, reliable data, ownership and performance metrics.  

Use this self-assessment to evaluate your S&OP process and receive recommendations for improvement.

This assessment benchmarks your process against 8 focus areas critical for an effective Executive S&OP:
  1. Family Structure

  2. Executive Presentation

  3. Planning Horizon

  4. Meeting Cycle

  5. Executive Engagement

  6. Responsibility and Accountability

  7. Supporting Data

  8. Measurements

These key areas drive S&OP to a future-focused decision-making process that is executive led. Complete the assessment to receive a full report of your score, recommendations and best practices to follow for each section of an effective Executive S&OP. 

Take the S&OP Executive Assessment to find out what you can do today to bring effective change and unlock the value of S&OP in your organization.

At DBM Systems, our consultants have over 20 years of experience providing S&OP leadership to businesses worldwide. We equip teams with coaching and the tools needed to run an effective S&OP process.  We can help you incorporate these best practices into your S&OP process.  Reach out to us and unlock the power of S&OP in your organization.