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The Proven Path: The S&OP  Accelerator

The DBM S&OP Accelerator program is the culmination of decades of industry experience, and the fastest way to implement a sustainable S&OP process. In just six months, your organization will have an S&OP process that everyone understands. Watch our video above or select one of the phases below to see how we do it.

Prototype Phase: Starting your S&OP Implementation
Preparation Phase: Building S&OP Data and Toolsets
Pilot Phase: Implementing Executive S&OP
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Phase I: Prototype

1 Month

We begin our S&OP journey with the Prototype phase. Over the course of the first month, we are building a vision for what the S&OP process and presentation will look like for your business. 


Through a series of interviews and data captures, we create a prototype of the new S&OP family presentation for your pilot product family. This is then presented back to your team to provide a clear vision of your organization's end goal.

Executive sketch
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Three phases, six months. That's all it takes to  implement an effective S&OP process. We have found that the key to efficient implementation is having the right tools on hand. Check out our unique tools that help you align your business.

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Implement a Sustainable S&OP Process

Let us show you how.

Contact us by phone, email, or via our social media channels.

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