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Dicor Completes the DBM Virtual S&OP Accelerator™

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Dicor Corporation has successfully implemented executive S&OP using DBM’s new virtual process.


PRESS RELEASE – July 13, 2021 10:00 AM EDT

KITCHENER, June 20, 2021 – We are excited to announce Dicor’s successful executive S&OP implementation as the first user of DBM’s Virtual S&OP Accelerator™ program. Over a 12-month partnership with DBM, Dicor grew their S&OP process from one pilot family to their entire operation: six months to complete the pilot, and six months to roll it out business-wide.

Dicor Corporation began their partnership with DBM in July 2020 to implement an executive S&OP process that could manage significant end market growth post COVID. DBM deployed their new Virtual S&OP Accelerator™ over the next six months to establish an S&OP process for a pilot product family. This virtual process follows an event-driven framework to establish an S&OP process in six months. It has three phases:

1. Prototype

  • Interviews and data-captures to establish a pilot product family

  • Prototype the S&OP presentation

2. Preparation

  • Building organizational involvement and knowledge through eLearning events

  • Tool implementation and training

3. Pilot

  • The organization takes full ownership of the new S&OP process for the pilot family

  • We begin building a plan to extend the process beyond the pilot family

Dicor participated in these consultation, eLearning, and implementation events to successfully complete the Virtual Accelerator™ as the first-ever user of this new virtual process. Says Group President, Anthony Wollschlager:

“I didn’t have a process, and I didn’t know what to expect out of S&OP. By focusing on a pilot family, I was able to understand the process and my role. It was easy to expand to the rest of the business.”

Over the last six months, Dicor has rolled out executive S&OP across the entire business – and they are already seeing results. “We’ve been able to reduce our inventory levels and improve our inventory health while growing the business in the most challenging supply chain environment I’ve ever seen,” says Wollschlager. “We are outperforming 95% of our market during a time of growth and uncertainty; that doesn’t happen by accident.” The completion of the Virtual S&OP Accelerator™ has equipped Dicor to better manage growth in an uncertain market and effectively unlock the value of S&OP.


About Dicor

Dicor Corporation has been a leading supplier of component products to RV manufacturers and other industries since 1984. It is the overall guiding force for four different companies: Dicor Products, Seal Design, United Shade and Vixen Composites; each of which operates independently while sharing a common ethic of service and innovative product development. Read more at


About DBM Systems

DBM Systems Ltd. has been at the forefront of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) thinking since 1980. Their team of consultants are providing proven S&OP solutions for industry leaders across the world. DBM has helped hundreds of organizations achieve their objectives, and they’re ready to help you, too. Find out more at

Dicor Press Release
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