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The S&OP Tool: by DBM

Our primary instrument for ensuring your success is our signature S&OP Tool. Built over 20 years of global implementation projects, the S&OP Tool contains everything you will need to manage your executive S&OP success – all out of the box.

The Tool can be up and running for your pilot family in a single day. No technical configuration, design, or ETL required. This rapid implementation is possible through the use of:

  • Table-driven configuration

  • Pre-defined database structure

  • Pre-defined interfaces for ERP and Demand Planning Data

Out of the box

A Standardized Approach to Managing S&OP Data

Laptop displaying S&OP data and metrics

The core of the Tool is the 5-Section Sheet. This provides a robust model of your business to support executive decision making. The 5-Section Sheet includes:

  • Both graphical and numerical views

  • Clear effectiveness measurements

  • Fully customizable configuration

  • Automatic formatting for each planning cycle

Support for Virtually Every Business Model

Order/Booking KPI measurement and KPI graph, Shipment KPI measurement and KPI graph, Supply KPI measurement and KPI graph, Backlog tracking, Inventory Tracking, and Performance KPI's and metrics

The 5-Section Sheet fits any business model, including MTS, MTO, ETO, CTO, services, and more. The Tool supports:

  • Multiple sites, families, and demand streams

  • Full accountability for demand inputs at demand stream level

  • Linked families (supply and demand sites, consumption model)

  • Multiple demand models

As your Business Grows, the Tool Scales with You

Executive and consultant discuss the S&OP plan

The Tool is easily scalable, allowing you to start simple and expand as your business grows. It supports iterative implementation and learning organization, as well as movement through the Maturity Model:


  • Process – workflow

  • Effectiveness – standard metrics

  • Results – linkage to planning execution

We let our work speak for itself.

See how our clients have achieved their goals through executive-led S&OP.

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