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About DBM Systems

DBM is a S&OP consulting company with a long history of implementing real change for real businesses. Our story is filled with discovery, overcoming obstacles, and bringing value through realistic and attainable plans, and who better to tell that story than DBM's founder, Duncan McLeod. Watch the introduction to our eLearning course on the DBM S&OP Virtual Accelerator

Our mission is to bring about lasting change to organizations by unlocking the value of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). 

Founded in 1980, DBM’s focus was improving the use of ERP systems to drive supply chain excellence. We found that many of these challenges revolved more around people and change management, rather than technology. As a result, we developed unique processes to address these people and change issues. We moved from ERP systems to Sales and Operations Planning.

Over the past 20 years, our dedicated consulting team has provided S&OP leadership to businesses worldwide. With decades of experience leading operations, sales, and change management, we engage your organization from the executive down to make the right changes and to make them stick. We make change happen.

We let our work speak for itself.

See how our clients have achieved their goals through executive-led S&OP.

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