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Legrand Pass & Seymour Links Strategy and Execution with the DBM S&OP Accelerator

Updated: Feb 28


PRESS RELEASE – Feb 28, 2023 10:10 AM EDT

KITCHENER, Feb 28, 2023 – Legrand Pass & Seymour is focusing on improving their business operations and customer relationships. They have chosen to do so by implementing an executive S&OP process. The DBM S&OP Accelerator program will

provide a proven path for Pass & Seymour to establish an effective Executive S&OP process.

It is not uncommon even within an organization with an established SIOP (Sales and Operations Planning – S&OP) process to have gaps in how that process works according to Roger Kanaan, VP of Operations, Legrand, North & Central America:

“We see the need for a demand and strategy driven process and a link between agreed upon strategic choices and execution. We want to instill a decision-making management process to ensure we do what we say we are going to do such as identify and quantify customer expectations, and operational capabilities. Additionally, we want to ensure prioritization and communication of trade-offs and the understand impact of our decisions.”

Organizations with an S&OP process already in place but looking to improve or re-engineer are faced with decisions on the best path forward. They must decide if true and lasting change can be achieved with the current team or if additional help is required.

“We felt a gap in the SIOP (S&OP) competency within our team and needed help with a proven process to help us establish a standard work process. Our goal is to increase our maturity and ensure our teams get trained to adopt, follow and continue improving our S&OP,” Roger shared.

Legrand Pass & Seymour chose the DBM S&OP Accelerator program to help get them to their goal of an effective, Executive-led S&OP process.

Roger explained “DBM’s proven methodology and good references on adoption and business process improvement” were reasons DBM was selected to help with implementing S&OP.

“The Legrand team felt comfortable with DBM’s approach, the Accelerator pilot, knowledge base and willingness to teach and instill a process to help the organization get to the next level of SIOP maturity.”

If your organization is looking to revitalize your S&OP process to get results, we can help. We have the process and tools to make change happen. Through the DBM S&OP Accelerator, your organization will have an S&OP process that everyone understands in just six months. If your organization is looking for a proven path to improve your S&OP process, like Roger, let us help you unlock the power of S&OP. Reach out to us

About Legrand, North & Central America

Legrand is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures. Their North and Central American division is the largest component of Legrand worldwide. There are over 6,700 employees and product categories that span across residential and non-residential business markets. Pass & Seymour are well-known for their electrical wiring devices such as electrical outlets, switches and connectors. Learn more at

About DBM Systems

DBM Systems Ltd. has been at the forefront of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) thinking since 1980. Their team of consultants are providing proven S&OP solutions for industry leaders across the world. DBM has coached and equipped teams with the tools needed to run an effective S&OP process. Unlock the power of S&OP in your organization. Find out more at

Legrand Pass & Seymour Links Strategy and Execution with the DBM S&OP Accelerator
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