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Doug featured on the "Supply Planning and More" Podcast!

Doug featured on the "Supply Planning and More" Podcast!

September 30, 2023

Doug joined Supply Chain Enthusiast Apporav Mahajan on his podcast, "Supply Planning and More." The two had a lot to discuss, and recorded two episodes together!

Episode 11: Building Sales and Operations Planning Process Ground Up

In this episode, Doug explains how to get started with implementing an S&OP process, how to truly engage management, and what data is critical to track and report. Doug and Apporav also examine how DBM's system provides these results in a straight-forward approach, that foregoes the complexities of business and delivers simple answers.

Episode 12: S&OP for Different Business Models

Doug covers how S&OP varies between different manufacturing methods, including:

-Make to Stock

-Make to Order

-Assemble to Stock

-Assemble to Order

-Engineer to Order

Doug and Apporav describe how different buffers, such as inventory, lead-time, upside flex, and assembly play an important role in each of these methods. He also shares how the S&OP process works in a constrained capacity environment, and how to determine capability levels to meet demand under these conditions.

Listen to Episode 11 and 12 from the link below to hear everything Doug and Apporav have to say!

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