The S&OP Tool: by DBM


The S&OP Tool: by DBM is at the heart of our tool enabled S&OP process re-engineering. Purpose built for Executive S&OP decision making, The S&OP Tool provides core functionality that allows you to focus on people and process changes without tools getting in the way. S&OP thought leadership out of the box! Here's how it works.

Quick, Easy Implementation

The tool provides a predefined database for Executive S&OP information. Built on the MS Azure platform, a simple table driven design allows you to define Family, site, and demand stream relationships to match to your business environment. No technical design or configuration necessary. A simple interface lets you 

get started immediately. 


Key Implementation Benefits:

• Table-Driven Configuration

• Pre-defined database structure

• Pre-defined interfaces for ERP and Demand                 Planning data

• No technical design/configuration/ ETL required

• Cloud-based solution (Azure)

Incorporates Proven Best Practice

Our team has been at the top of the S&OP field for over 20 years. The S&OP Tool: by DBM is the result of decades of implementation experience. Capability incorporated into the tool represents what is necessary to run an Effective S&OP process.  

The S&OP Tool supports the standard monthly Executive S&OP process. It is designed to remove the debate over 'why' and 'how', and allows for a clear line of sight from where you are to where you need to go. 

These practices and presentation standards are thoroughly explained in Duncan      McLeod's publication Sales and Operations Planning: How to Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands. For more information, click 'Find out More'.

Provides a Standardized Approach

What makes The S&OP Tool: by DBM work so well is the standardized presentation: the 5-Section Sheet. This allows every member of your team to understand and contribute to the S&OP process quickly. The 5-section sheet can be viewed in both spreadsheet and graphical form, with many organizational tools to help better understand your S&OP 'story'. 


Key aspects of the standardized approach are:

• 5-Section Sheet (Numerical and Graphical)

• Effectiveness Measurements

• Consistent data capture

• Automatically formats for each planning cycle

• Each family presentation follows same standard

More information on the 5-Section Sheet can be found here.


The S&OP Tool: by DBM provides a standard presentation that supports multiple business models. From Engineer to Order (ETO) to Make to Stock (MTS), the structure supports getting to the 'story' for every S&OP family. Deployed for consumer products and large engineering solutions, the functionality supports the key decisions necessary to effectively run your business. 

The ability to setup multiple sites and family relationships

supports complex, global roll-outs. A built in opportunity

management system supports monthly tracking of project

demand to drive accountability and project demand accuracy

improvements. Multiple demand types (calculated shipments, 

calculated bookings, consumption model) support inputs from

any demand source. 

Drill down capability allows accountability and tracking at both

the demand stream and the S&OP family level to drive quicker

improvements to your planning.


Easily Scalable

The S&OP Tool will grow with you. Designed to support an iterative implementation model, you can start with a single family and single site, and easily grow to multiple families across multiple sites. As your demand channels grow in complexity, The S&OP Tool functionality supports multiple go-to-market strategies. 

Users, sites, families, and demand streams can all be added 

without technical configuration supporting process roll-outs across

complex multi-national organizations. 

Features and Functions

• Monthly cycle workflow tracking

• Cloud-based SQL database with Excel user interface

• Master file definition for sites, families, demand streams, calendars

• Multi-users

• Plan history

• Automatically formats for each planning cycle

• Replaces stand-alone Excel Sheets

• Integrated into DBM’s Implementation Process

• Used to build Prototype in Initial Review

• Supports Accelerator process through to end of pilot

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