When face to face isn't an option. A tool-enabled process to implement Executive S&OP that works.



At DBM, we’ve been providing a proven path for implementing Executive S&OP for a long time. The DBM Accelerator™ used a combination of on-site and virtual events to deliver effective Executive S&OP decision making.


Today, Covid-19 has heightened uncertainty around the world. The disruption reverberating through the global supply chain has broken steady state plans in every sector. Demand plans based on previous models cannot be relied on. Companies need effective S&OP processes to reset their sales and operation plans quickly.


Building on the proven tools and methodology of the DBM Accelerator™, the Virtual S&OP Accelerator™ three-phased approach provides you with the fastest path to executive S&OP decision making now, when you need it most. 



This is the Initial Review from our traditional Accelerator. During this phase we gain an understanding of your business and complete an assessment of your current process. This helps us determine the best place to start. Through video interviews, we work with your senior executives to determine a pilot family and initial demand streams. The starting family needs to be both meaningful to the business and manageable. We then work with a small team to gather data a build an actionable “story” for S&OP family using the 5-Section Sheet. We provide demand and supply analysis to develop starting demand stream structures and articulate supply constraints. All of this is enabled by The S&OP Tool: by DBM. Our cloud-based solution for S&OP data management, analysis, and presentation.

At the end of the Prototype Phase you will have:

  • An assessment of your current process and identified gaps that need to be addressed in order to move forward.

  • The first iteration of a new Executive S&OP presentation

  • A usable “template” for Executive S&OP decision making for a family





This phase is about broadening the involvement within your organization, building common knowledge and refining the prototype. This typically takes two S&OP cycles, or two months, to complete. 

The On-Site Class was the cornerstone of this phase in our traditional Accelerator. With the Virtual Accelerator, we use a series of focused virtual events to engage your team. These events are a mix of predefined video training sessions, coaching sessions, and workshops with specified outcomes and objectives. The first month is focused on core learning and refining the prototype data. In the second month, we engage the team in the regular monthly S&OP cadence. This follows a schedule of Pre Demand, Pre S&OP Supply, Pre S&OP, and Executive S&OP meetings. All data is then managed in The S&OP Tool: by DBM.


At the end of the Preparation Phase you will have:

  • Completed two S&OP cycles for the Pilot family

  • Developed a common understanding S&OP and the process

  • Determined roles and responsibilities and engaged the required resources in the process





In the perfect phase, your team is taking ownership of the process. The focus remains on going deeper into the prototype family and establish real change. Using the The S&OP Tool: by DBM, your team can manage the data and presentations throughout the pilot. Our role transitions from directing to coaching, and finally delegating. There are regularly scheduled touch points with your senior executive before and after the Executive S&OP Meeting. We complete the S&OP Assessment monthly to prioritize our activities and keep you on track, while developing a prioritized plan to expand the S&OP process beyond the pilot. The pilot is complete once the Assessment scores 100%, which is typically three months.

  • At the end of the Pilot Phase you will have:

    • An S&OP process in place for your Pilot family with a 100% Assessment Score

    • Prioritized plan for rolling the process out beyond the pilot family

    • A long-term Executive S&OP process that works

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