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Sales and Operations Planning: How to Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands  

By:  Duncan McLeod

Published:  May 2016


This book is an amalgamation of the experiences gained through helping hundreds of businesses become industry leaders over my 35-year career.


 My goal with the book is to provide a how-to approach that goes beyond just running the process and looks at how to present and interpret the data in a way that engages senior leadership so that they can use Sales and Operations Planning to run the business. The characters and storyline are based on a consolidation of people I've worked with over the past 35 years, so you might find a bit of yourself in here somewhere. 


A large portion of this book focuses on getting to "The Story." For the past 10 years, DBM has been using what we call the "5-Section Sheet"

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for organizing S&OP data. This presentation format fits almost any business model and makes it much easier to move from family to family or business to business in large multi-divisional organizations. While it's focused on the nuts and bolts of data presentation and interpretation, it's written and laid out in a way that I believe is entertaining and engaging. It's written with Acts and Scenes and filled with examples, illustrations and exercises to test your learning. I hope you'll enjoy Sales and Operations Planning; How to run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands.

Last year, the book was featured at #1 in a review from titled

"Top 7 Best Sales and Operations Planning Books to Keep Within Reach".

Check out the site to see what aspects they found most useful!


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Straight Talk about S&OP 

By:  Doug Dedman

Published:  March/April 2011

This article published in APICS Magazine relates what I learned from my dad about plowing a field to running an effective S&OP process.  In both cases you need to be able to focus on a target that is not right in front of you, and the results of your ability to remain focused (good or bad) are there for others to see.  Read the article here and learn more.

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S&OP APICS Article by Doug Dedman.  Straight Talk about Sales and Operations Planning
S&OP:  Is Your President Engaged

By:  Duncan McLeod

Published:  Spring 2012

This article published in the Journal of Business Forecasting (Volume 31 Issue 1) covers the need to have your Senior Executive engaged in your S&OP process.  In it Duncan also covers tips for getting them involved as active participants.  This article was based on the DBMExecutive article from December 2008.  A presentation on this same topic given at the APICS Innovation Conference in 2016 can also be found on their website by following the links to 2016 presentations. 

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S&OP Executive Involvement:  JBF article by Duncan McLeod