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Sales and Operations Planning: How to run a S&OP process everyone understands

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A nuts and bolts account of implementing S&OP delivered with a storyteller's edge enhanced with relatable characters, colorful illustrations, detailed examples and exercises to practice the concepts being presented. Sales and Operations Planning is the cornerstone of effective supply chain management yet it often becomes over-complicated and difficult to implement across an organization. "Sales and Operations Planning: How To Run an S&OP Process Everyone Understands" is an engaging guide to using S&OP so that it delivers all the benefits and none of the headaches. Whether you're a budding supply chain practitioner or a seasoned veteran, this book is mandatory reading if you are using or plan to use S&OP within your organization. Entertaining like a screenplay but rich in content like a textbook, Duncan McLeod uses characters and a storyline that are an amalgamation of the 100's of business he has helped become industry leaders over the past 34 years. Jim's manufacturing business, ToyAuto, was recently acquired by GlobeCorp and he is now tasked with implementing the corporate standard S&OP process. With no S&OP background at all, he is overwhelmed from the get-go. With the help of his new boss, Bruce, and a wise consultant, Doug, he starts with the basics and starts implementing a process that not only improves his ability to manage the business but his whole team can participate and contribute to the improvement.

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